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Emerging agricultural trends involve new technologies and strategies that become more advanced over time.


Next-Gen Agritech for commercial farming. Encouragement of developments on both the supply and demand sides of the "market" may be a long-term strategy for next-generation models and knowledge goods utilized in commercial agriculture and agribusiness.

Emerging trends in agriculture new development strategies, techniques and technologies that advance throughout time. Over the past few decades, the agriculture industry has undergone substantial development, and new technologies have also been introduced. The sector has grown because of all these causes. Farmers now find farming operations more enjoyable and acceptable because to recent agricultural advancements. Such advancements or trends improve the life of farmers as well as the expansion of agriculture.

Preparing the event location for the upcoming generation of agricultural systems data, models, and knowledge products is the goal of this Special Issue of Agricultural Systems. We outlined a strategy for accelerating the pace of agricultural innovation and satisfying the expanding global demand for food and fibre in the Introduction to this Special Issue. The application of the new generation of models results in "virtual" and "computational" agricultural research and development that can supplement and, in some cases, replace traditional, "on-the-ground" experimental approaches. Additionally, vastly improved data and models can aid in the creation of sophisticated farm management systems and, by improving the knowledge available about new systems, could hasten the adoption and effective application of more productive and environmentally friendly technology.

MarketsandMarkets is extremely delighted to announce its “Next-Gen AgriTech Conference” scheduled to be held virtually on 17th -18th October 2022.

Virtual events not only help planners expand their audience and promote inclusivity, but they can be an effective way to increase revenue and track key data about your audience.

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Precision agriculture, agriculture and food security, sustainable agriculture, smart weather for precision agriculture, dairy, poultry, and livestock farming, precision crop protection, etc. are some of the topics that will be covered during the conference. The conference also offers engaging breakout sessions, products, and services that benefit the quickly expanding agricultural sector. Participants at the event will include decision-makers from the agritech sector who are interested in improving agricultural methods.

Why Attend?

  • Participate in discussions with experts on how technology implementation can be customized
  • Attracting and retaining world-class agricultural talents
  • Resolve common Agricultural challenges
  • Discover the latest technology implementations in the industry
  • Discover best-in-class solutions during the workshop sessions
  • Interactive panel discussions

Key Highlights:

Precision Agriculture

  • Satellite Farming
  • Precision Horticulture and Viticulture
  • Satellite-Based Applications for Precision Agriculture

Agriculture Food Security

  • Nutrition Security
  • Food and Agricultural Immunology
  • Food Systems
  • Post-harvest technologies for reducing food losses

Dairy, Poultry and Livestock Farming

  • Livestock Production Systems
  • Role of Livestock in Agriculture
  • Benefits of Poultry Farming
  • Genetic Engineering in Animal Farming
  • Technologies and Equipment

Climate Smart Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture

  • Factors Effecting Sustainability
  • Agroecosystem analysis

Global Trends and Challenges in Agriculture

Green House Agriculture

  • Greenhouse technology
  • Vertical farming

Key Advisors:

Alby May: Environmentalist, Women Unhindered International

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