The player only needs two Tripods for this ability

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A basic but effective skill, Shield Bash Lost Ark Gold allows the player to swing their shield and inflict 36 damage. Using the skill again will allow them to cause 86 damage with the next swing. This skill unlocks at level 10.

The player should add two Tripods to this ability. Nimble Movement increases attack speed by up to +27%. Weak Point Detection increases damage to Push-Immune enemies by up to +94.8%.
Nellasia's Energy is a great ability to have to support the player's party members. The Gunlancer will let out a roar and all party members located within a 24-meter radius will have their damage reduced by -10% for 6 seconds. This ability unlocks at level 36.

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The player only needs two Tripods for this ability. Magick Control reduces the MP cost by up to -67%. Shout of Purification will remove the most recently received harmful effect on all party members within the 24-meter radius.

Unlocked at level 50, Surge Cannon compresses energy using the exploder in the Gunlancer's weapon. That energy is then propelled forward. If it is fully compressed, it will deal 783 damage, knocking enemies back. When it is not fully compressed, it will deal 392 damage and only push them back.

High Explosive Shot is the first recommended Tripod and causes the ability to immediately fire an extra cannonball that travels 2 meters forward to cause a circular explosion. It also creates Weak Point level 1 effect and inflicts up to +100% damage to challenge or higher level enemies. Overcharge changes the Charge mode so that cheap Lost Ark Gold Charge level 1 creates the Perfect Zone effect. Overcharge will then deal damage up to +100%. Focus Fire bombards frontal enemies four times in a row for up to +83% damage.

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