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Level 30 to 35: Willow Trees OSRS gold

Two spots I'd recommend to play this small portion, it's likely to be quite fast after you have reached the adamant axe at level 31. You can run to the willows that are behind Seers' Village bank if you were cutting oaks there , or you can use the Games Necklace to teleport to Barbarian Assault in case you were working at the Grand Exchange in the cutting of oaks. You will need chop and then drop 134 willows in order to be able to reach 35 woodcutting. This will take around 30 minutes of playing.

Level 35-99: Teak Trees

This is the spot to cut down the teak tree which is recommended if you have difficulty accessing Ape Atoll due to not being able to complete this Monkey Madness quest. It is possible for this location to be busy, so if you are seriously committed to completing 99 Woodcutting it is vital to finish Monkey Madness for the Ape Atoll Teak Spot.

Here's where you'll spending the rest of the 13.012.025 XP years of your life making and dropping 153.083 logs of teak. If you don't 2-tick here you can expect an XP rate ranging from 35.000 per hour to 93.000 during the latter part of the 90s. But if you opt to 2-tick this drastically increases - from 68.000 in an hour, to 180.000. It is by far the fastest feasible Woodcutting XP in the game but it is click intensive and requires a huge amount of focus. I'll offer alternatives to training techniques below if you're looking for changing things up or would prefer to have a more AFK way to spend time watching TV programs or films.

Level 15 to 45: Oak Trees

A stop at 30 to cut willows may not be the best choice for you if you are a fresh account or an Ironman since oak logs are useful for training Construction later down the road. If you're a new account and have decided to get into Woodcutting These two locations previously mentioned are ideal as they permit you to save your logs quickly. They aren't worth anything, but making it to the level 45 will give you enough money to buy all the axes to rune. In current prices, the 1.577 oak logs that you purchase will cost you 37.848 GP.

Level 45-60: Maple Trees

There's really only one place that you can go in RuneScape that you are able to slice maples and it's here, right behind the Seers' Village bank. It's likely that everyone has been here when they were kids to buy RS gold cut down maples. This is the place to visit before attempting to join this Woodcutting Guild. The logs are essentially worthless at just 8 GP each, but they are extremely AFK and decent XP, ranging from 25.000 through 57.000 Per hour, XP. You will need to cut 2.123 logs of maple to get 60 Woodcutting from 45.

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