The problem was further compounded by an update

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It's also an integral part of the risk you take with remasters. These games were made in an age where multiplayer and D2R Ladder Items information services didn't enjoy the same popularity or ease of access that we have now, and it's difficult to determine if a lot of that infrastructure from the past will ever scale the way we think it could.

Sometimes it happens -- right up until the point where everything collapses in a flaming heap.Diablo 2 Resurrected's servers falling in the wake of "modern players' behaviour"Diablo II: Resurrected came out to widespread continuing server issues. Today an official from the Blizzard community manager has offered insight into the source of the problem - and it's partly some 20-year-old code, and a little bit of modern player behavior.

Resurrected's server issues over the past couple of weeks seem to be getting worse. This culminated in several instances of downtime over the last week, in which a global outage is attributed, Blizzard say, by a surge in traffic. "This was a new threshold that our servers hadn't encountered before, and not even prior to launch," reads the post on the Blizzard forums.

The problem was further compounded by an update that we implemented earlier that was designed to boost performance around game creation. These two elements led to a massive overload on our global database and caused it time out. We were able to reverse the Friday update that we'd earlier deployed hoping to reduce the load on servers through Sunday while also giving us the opportunity to study the root of the issue."

In the end, rolling back the patch wasn't enough. Sunday saw an even higher growth in traffic and servers again crashed. Then again on Monday Buy D2R Items. The above linked post is long and admirably detailed in its explanation of why this is happening.

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